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There are a few, very simple rules to follow when editing or adding to the wiki.

  1. The word of staff is final, even if in exception to the rules.
  2. All pictures uploaded must be safe for work.
  3. Vandalism is grounds for permanent ban from the wiki.
  4. Keep profanity to a minimum unless quoting something, as with the public and newbie channels in game.
  5. Staff reserves the right to change any and all rules with or without notification (in fairness to the players, it's easy to see when it was changed, if there's a question about grandfather privileges).
  6. Any and all data submitted to the wiki must qualify as fair use, or have express written consent by the copyright holder along with proper credit, or be the intellectual property of the poster.
  7. Do not edit the content of private pages that do not belong to you without permission, even to helpfully correct typos. (Private = Character/Org/Business pages.) Tweaking category settings is OK.

These rules are not flexible. If you take issue with any of them, please post so on the discussion page, or ask an admin in game, but unless they change, abide by them and everyone will be happy.