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Serenity MUSH news files

In here you will find all of the important information you need or want to know about the 'Verse. Please let us know if you find any errors.

Some of the above files were taken, or modified from the the SerenityRPG for use in roleplaying on the grid and creating background information and opening new people to the 'Verse. You can buy the book at:


All topics marked with in bold are REQUIRED reading for anyone who plans on joining the MUSH.

  • Theme - The theme of Serenity MUSH
  • Policy - The policies, rules and regulations
  • Chargen - Information on the chargen system
  • Planets - Information on the planets of the 'Verse
  • Ships - Information on the Ships in the 'Verse
  • Mandarin - Mandarin Phrases of the 'Verse
  • Guilds - Information on the Guilds of the 'Verse
  • Features - Information on feature characters, and applying
  • Consent - The game's consent policy
  • Systems - Details mostly cargo and other game systems
  • Players Guide - A MUSH Presentation of the Players guide