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Server Switch

OOC Announcement: Staff shouts, "Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. Due to situations beyond our control and the fact that we truly do the impossible because we ARE mighty, we have decided to move the game to >>> port 6060 <<< and hope to see all of you there. Server transition... port 6060


I think it would be quite a boon, if we index things a bit more clearly, and add links to this front page. A logs section would also be pretty sweet. I added a character category...just add the Category Character tag to the bottom of your bio pages. --Chuck 10:57, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

I'm trying to log on to the MUSH right now. If I try to connect as a guest I am told "Guest connections not allowed." and if I try to create a character I am immediately disconnected and get a message that reads "Status: connection is closed." from SimpleMU. Is there a problem? I am connected to MU Gateway (as Nerdvana currently) if any staffers need to communicate with me real time or via @mail. Thanks in advance. Nerdvana 06:12, 5 December 2008 (EST)

  • Hi Nerdvana, I'm not a staffer, just a player. As of this timestamp, I can access the MUSH and login as a guest, from SimpleMU. If you still can't get on, maybe try from plain telnet (to isolate the problem between client and connection). If you need to reach a staffer, posting on the forums ( may get you a better response than using talk pages here. Good luck. Otrere 19:26, 5 December 2008 (EST)

Downtime: August 1st 2009

As of about 18 minutes from this edit, the new server is up and running. If you are having trouble connecting, you may need to clear your cache.

prcasady: ok, from windows you get to the command line (start -> run -> cmd)
prcasady: then ipconfig /flushdns
prcasady: sometimes that doesn't work if your ISP sucks (if they're caching data, you can't clean their cache)
prcasady: in which case you're stuck waiting until their cache expires"

Being Able To Buy Ships

Ok, I have a bit of a debate regarding players buying ships. I have been on this game for a while and have known that acquiring ships is out-right impossible unless you buy from another player, and finding a Captain with a ship for sell is next to impossible as well. Furthermore, the only way to get a vessel without buying from a PC is by auction, which hardly comes if ever.

My argument is that this should change...a player can't out-right purchase a ship anyhow, not without being on the game for more than a year and saving every credit he or she's incredibly hard to earn credits fast enough to purchase a ship right off the bat of coming onto the game, or even just being on for a few months which would still not be near enough to purchase a ship unless you got paid 1000+ a week.

I'm in a position to that within a few months I could possibly have enough...heck, within two weeks I could buy a short range or long range shuttle. But that's because I've been on the game for a bit and RP'd my character out and ICly and OOCly got to know others...ICly and OOCly getting players and characters to trust me and my character.

I think ship buying should be allowed on any level whether it is from admin or automated console or Boros. I think a series of rules could be inputted to prevent EVERYONE from acquiring a ship all at once that is able. I was thinking for those that have ships with docking space could be allowed a short range shuttle at the least...or even allow some players to acquire a long range vessel. But I'm not saying freely, at all. Not only would they need to get the required amount of credits, but I think that the player would need to RP it all out, put their foot hold in the game. Maybe even put some serious time restraints on new players from acquiring their own ship or shuttle right off the bat...maybe say a couple of years and they have to have a significant amount of RP noms both given and received.

Now, to address the issue of many ships and few players on each, well, perhaps it could require them to recruit a fairly small crew from the outside even if it is just 3 additional players. As I understand it, this has been the way of the game since its opening, which the fact that it hasn't budged to change is shocking.

Another measure, maybe if not that, would be to only allow those that have applied significant RP into the game to get a ship if they don't already have one...and then base it off of past RP and maybe even character and player background...player as does the player get along well with others? Of course, the lack of space combat would also force players to settle somewhere for RP for those that like to use personal craft like ASREVs and shuttles or smaller crafts. Just a thought.

Name: Carson